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The Schauinsland flying site is located within the nature park Südschwarzwald and mostly within the nature reserve Schauinsland. Due to the terms of our restricted and revocable flying permission under § 25 LuftVG, a maximum of 30 launches per day is permitted. Therefore, it’s possible that we have to restrict launches of guest pilots on busy days. Schooling, competitions and commercial tandem flights are not allowed.

You must keep a minimum distance of 100m to all facilities of the cable car Schauinslandbahn.

A larger disctance doesn’t decrease the chances of a great flight but improves safety for both pilot and cable car traffic.

Every pilot flies at their own risk. No claims shall be made against the site holder or its representatives based on the authorization card or this information.


The Schauinsland flying site is highly demanding due to a lack of offsite landing areas on the flying path to the landing site. The terrain’s shape leads to significant changes in flying conditions even when wind speed or direction alter only a little. Therefore, pilots at Schauinsland must meet the following requirements:

  • unrestricted German Luftfahrerschein (B-Schein) plus membership in a club affiliated to the Deutscher Hängegleiterverband e.V. (DHV)
  • Restricted German Luftfahrerschein (A-Schein) plus authorization card plus membership in either GSC Colibri or DGFC Südschwarzwald. Authorization cards are available for pilots attending an extensive briefing on our flying site. Briefings normally take place monthly (see schedule).
  • Foreign guests pilots who are permanent residents in Germany need to hold the domestic Unrestricted German Luftfahrerschein (B-Schein) or the corresponding Austrian license (SoPi-Schein). A foreign pilot's licence and IPPI Card are not sufficient.

Foreign guest pilots without residence in Germany need their national license plus IPPI Card stage 5.

German law doesn’t allow tandem flights with foreign licenses, except for pilots with Austrian or Swiss tandem licenses.

All pilots must procure liability insurance corresponding to German regulations.

Launch Site

Schauinsland launch is at 1180 m NN (007º 53' 26'' O 47º 54' 38'' N). Please respect the areas for assembling and launch. The forest aisle is directed almost westward (260°). Meteorological conditions must allow pilots to reach the landing zone at the valley station of Schauinslandbahn safely. Holzschlägermatte is not an officially approved landing site!

Winds coming from south or east (also with low speed) create large downwind swirls, although conditions at launch might indicate otherwise!

Launching from any other place than the designated launch site is forbidden. For reasons of security pilots must refrain from top landing. Since the entire Schauinsland ridge is a nature reserve, landing there is prohibited.

Noncomplying pilots will be banned from flying at Schauinsland immediately!

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Getting there

To protect the environment, pilots are expected to use the cable car. If this isn’t possible, please carpool. Vehicles have to be parked on the public parking spaces at the mountain pass; the area at the bend above launch is reserved for unloading exclusively.

Google Maps directions

Recommended flying path

Einweisung_-_Vorgesehene_FlugrouteAfter launch, fly towards the two windmills. When reaching Holzschlägermatte (meadow), turn right slightly. Minimum altitude should be 1060 m. If you’re lower, consider an outlanding on Holzschlägermatte. Cross the cable car with reasonable distance and continue to the intermediate station keeping clear of the hillside. Not later than at the intermediate station cross the cable car again and fly towards the landing zone.

Remember to keep a minimum distance of 100 m to all facilities of the cable car at all times!


Every launch hast to be prepared according to German regulations (FBO). Guest pilots have to get familiar with the terrain. We recommend that even experienced pilots participate in a briefing at Schauinsland.

You can find suitable Wheather reports for flying at Schauinsland here:

aktuelle Bedingungen:


Landeeinteilung SchauinslandDepending on the wind direction (keep an eye on the wind sleeve in time), the landing zone is approached with right or left turns. Touch-down should be level with the wind sleeve (see image). When turning left, pay attention to not fly over the facilities of the cable car. Leave the landing zone quickly. To avoid damage to the meadow, pilots must pack on areas with low vegetation and return carefully to the valley station.

The landing area is temporarily used for farming kettle. If there’s kettle on the meadow, please land keeping an appropriate distance. We recommend that you gather your equipment quickly, especially if the flock comprises calves, and pack behind the fence.

Lageplan LP SchauinslandLanding in other areas is forbidden (for example on the parking lot of the cable car or the adjacent meadows).


Rotes_KreuzTelephones for emergency calls are available both at the hill and valley station. All rescue services can be reached via 112. There are first aid kits at launch behind the information board and by the sign at the packing area next to the landing zone.

In case a helicopter is needed, you may not launch or fly during the rescue operation. The Schauinslandbahn must be informed about the helicopter request. They also need to be informed if an accident happens without need for rescue service.

Mountain resuce service staff knows the terrain fairly well, but needs some directions to the crash site if it’s not close the launch or landing zone. 
The valley between the windmills on Holzschlägermatte and the intermediate station is called Langenbachtal.


All pilots fly at their own risk. No claims shall be made against the site holder or its representatives based on use of the flying site.

Last not least

We ask all pilots to respect all rules, in order to avoid jeopardizing the Schauinsland flying site.


All pilots fly at their own risk. No claims shall be made against the site holder or its representatives based on use of the flying site.

Last not least

We ask all pilots to respect all rules - be excellent -, in order to avoid jeopardizing the Schauinsland flying site.

Further Info


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Downloading and reading this info sheet is no substitute the mandatory briefing and doesn’t authorize pilots to fly at Schauinsland.


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